SERP rank checker
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TruePage checks localised SERP positions in search engines, analyzes page content of ranked web pages and provides you topic and keyword suggestions to improve your own content and ranking


TruePage is a SEO tool which can help you improve your content

Location rank checker

Analyze SERP positions for any geographical location world-wide. Discover content of local pages which rank high for your keywords.

Content suggestions to improve google ranking

TruePage analyzes your page Text and Headings and provides you a list of additional relevant topics and keyphrases which you can add to your own content to improve your keyword rank.

Competitor content analysis

Analyse and compare content of pages which rank high in a search engine. Find out which topics and keyphrases appear most frequently in other pages which rank high in search results.

See most frequent NLP topics and keywords

Analyze content of Top SERP pages and find out, which topics and keyphrases are most frequent. Perform keyword research and find opportunities to improve content of your own pages.

Supported language: English

Supported languages (beta): German Italian Spanish

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Keyword research SEO tool

TruePage performs Natural Language Processing (NLP) analysis of content of top ranking pages and provides you suggestions to add missing topics and keywords to your own content. You can use these suggestions to improve your content, make your pages more relevant and in turn improve your keyword ranking.

Search engine optimisation tool

By improving your content relevance, you provide better value for your visitors and at the same time you optimise your website to rank higher in search engines. TruePage seo tool performs a content page audit and shows you suggested missing keywords/topics, which are frequently used by other pages.

Localised position checker

TruePage is a rank checker tool which checks search engine ranking page results in any geographical location. You can perform a localised ranking check and find your ranking position. By analysing competitor position and content statistics, you can better understand relevant factors influencing rankings.

Keyword and topic suggestions to improve your keyword rank

As search engines are now heavily leaning on use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to process and rank website content, factors such as content and topic relevance become ever more important to guarantee a good search engine rank. TruePage is a keyword tool which provides you actionable analytics of competing page text length and topic usage.

Simple pricing

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Purchase SERP check credits whenever you need, no recurring fees and commitments.

Credits upgrade (What's included)

  • 50 rank checks with suggestions

  • One time purchase (no recurring fees)

  • Location specific rank checking

  • Suggested content topics and keywords

Credits upgrade pricing

10 EUR

+ Purchase additional credits whenever you need

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