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which shows you why your competitors rank higher

TruePage checks localised SERP positions in search engines and analyzes page content & backlinks of ranked web pages, so you can understand which signals are most important


Improve your rankings - find out opportunities to improve your content

Location rank checking

Analyze SERP positions for any geographical location world-wide. Discover local search rankings which dominate your keywords.

Signal / SERP correlation

Analyse correlation of the most important signals to SERP position. Find out, which SEO factors are the most import to achieve higher ranks.

Content analysis

Analyse and compare content of search engine result links. Find out which keyphrases appear most frequently in other pages.

Compare content of Top ranking pages

Analyze keyword content of Top 10 SERP pages and find out, which keyphrases are most frequent. Find opportunities to improve content of your own pages.


“TruePage is a real eye-opener. We now have a an understanding of the competitive landscape and can see which pages rank better for our search keywords. Armed with these insights, we can work towards increasing our website visibility.”

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Purchase SERP check credits whenever you need, no recurring fees and commitments.

Credits upgrade (What's included)

  • 200 checks

  • Pay as you go (no recurring fees)

  • Location specific rank checking

  • Signal to SERP correlation analysis

  • Most common content terms

  • SERP result page to page comparison

Credits upgrade pricing

10 EUR

+ Purchase additional credits whenever you need

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